22, June 2020

Life has changed…Business carries on

It is no secret that Life and business has changed as a result of the Coronavirus and lockdown. QueueCheetah launched CONNECT to help businesses. If you […]
22, June 2020

SPA retailers Connect App launch

BLOG: Two NEW SPA apps launched today!
19, March 2020

Introducing QueueCheetah Connect

Unless you have been hiding under a rock or in the middle of the desert for months we don’t have to explain what is going on […]
11, March 2020

Win QueueCheetah for a year!

Win a year of QueueCheetah for free for your business. Enter to win.
3, March 2020


Seeking a new way to communicate with customers & speed up the in-store process Umar and his team at NISA in Bellshill, Edinburgh met QueueCheetah at […]
3, February 2020

63% of shoppers want to support independents

A recent survey from Cartwright Communications was performed to gather data of residents across Birmingham, Derby, Leicester, Lincoln and Nottingham and the outcome was that 63% […]