Stay in contact with CUSTOMERS

Stay in contact with EMPLOYEES/WORK FORCE

What is QueueCheetah Connect?

Due to Consumer and Merchant demand and current situation across the world, we have created QueueCheetah Connect.

Designed for the Merchant to keep the customers informed on latest news, information and details to improve the shopping experience.

Use the QueueCheetah Connect app for letting customers know opening hours, stock level, key information, deals or anything that you need to communicate with your customers.
This all happens in real-time and direct to their device or mobile phone.

The QueueCheetah CONNECT App


Branded Mobile App

Branded to your business

Marketing & Information Tool

Communicate information direct to your customers or employees phone with push notifications. Include links to website or other media.

Simple to set-up

Quick and Easy to set-up and use

Very low cost

One-off low cost annual fee

Simple & Quick Process

Communicate with customers quickly and easily. Whether you have a deal on or because of something not so good, we will connect you when it matters!


Create message on ERP back-end

Create messages simply & quickly at the back-end


Who are you sending to?

Choose the demographics of who you are sending to or send to all


Send key information out

One click and your message is scheduled or pushed out to your customers


Keep customers informed

Whether it's good or bad news you can have a direct line to your customers, immediately

Get connected

Contact us and we will get you connected straight away. The process is very quick and easy.
Follow the button and complete the form and we will do the rest!