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QueueCheetah offers a UK service supported by Swiss Company MUUME

MUUME is the expert in the digitization of self-service shopping and ordering for everyday consumption. MUUME offers consumers easy self-service shopping, ordering and payment and fast liquidity for the merchant. We are experts in Digital Product Data Management and Digital Payment. MUUME is headquartered in Switzerland. The team consists of sales, marketing, product and programming experts.


The Smart Scan, Pay and Go App for convenient & queue busting shopping experience

With customers focusing on the value of their time more than money, QueueCheetah aims to help. Peak-times see a large increase in queues, which put off the peak time customer. A simple lunch time transaction can become frustrating to the customer having to wait and pressure on the staff to be quicker. QueueCheetah eliminates this giving control to both parties ensuring a smooth, stress-free experience.

How can QueueCheetah help your business?

There are a host of benefits for the Merchant and Consumer with implementing QueueCheetah into your business.

Our UK based team are ready to speak to you and discuss the core benefits and how easy it is to use and implement into your organisation. Contact us for a demo or conversation on how you can use this new smart app to increase turnover, overall customer satisfaction & retention